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Anonymous asked:

please promote this story? it's on WATT PAD :) it's about Eric www wattpad com/story/22473784-something-i-need-four-x-oc-x-eric-a-divergent-love

Go read this guys - Eric fanfic :)


Anonymous asked:

Do you have any eric fanfics? If so, may u please give me the link to them? Im super desperate to read some great fanfics here, can you help me? Haha :) please and thank u! :)

He’s featured in a few though not central - don’t know if that’s any good?
I really need to get writing again haha.

Demons within - beating depression, my toughest challenge

Hey guys, I promise I’ll get you some fanfics soon. But, depression is something I suffered with and something I feel strongly about. After some of the ignorance surrounding Robin Williams that I’ve seen, I felt compelled to write about my experience and try my best to provide an insight.

I’d really appreciate it if you could have a read and spread it around for me :)


Anonymous asked:

HELP ME! i am so desparatley looking for fics that are...M rated / smutty and have fourtris being the instructors of the next years initiate class and i have already read Young Volcanoes, Thanks!

I’ll see what i can do :)

justiceffromda asked:

Hello, can you please write a detailed Smut/Lemon with Tris and Tobias? No rush...take as much time as you need. I understand if you don't have time to write it...but I just wanted to ask. One more thing; can you send me a link to where I can find all of your stories? Thank you!

Hi there :)

Not a problem, I will do that for sure :) I’ll take the scene in Allegiant and expand it and rewrite it or whatever :)

Here are the links: - the age of Princess Theo, this is pretty much where Four is a sassy princess in honour of the fandom’s first flirt with insanity. - this was inspired by Four’s love and devotion to cake, where he leads Tris on a mission to save Dauntless cake… - this is a more m-rated fic really, it’s pretty intimate, it’s where FourTris get it on after sneaking off…

This next one is a series of fics I did titled ‘Man of the People’, essentially it was about a group of masked avengers going after people and it was set around Insurgent with everything going to hell:

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

PART 3 - - here’s what’s been my most popular fic so far, an alternative ending to Allegiant which people appear to have liked a fair bit! - here’s another written in the aftermath of Allegiant, based on the idea of a dream landscape instead of a fear landscape. What’s in Four’s? - this was a request to write a romantic fic about Tris and Katniss, I have no idea how well I did it haha. - this was written around Christmas, just an idea of how the Dauntless celebrate Christmas. - more Allegiant this time, basically a thought on what happened next for Tris. - this was another request for Christina and Tobias getting romantic, so I gave that one a go. - this was an intimate fic from Tobias’ point of view with Tris. I think I set it after he and Peter save her from Jeanine in Insurgent.

Here’s the first of my Sheo fics, a piece on how they both were falling for one another but neither of them knew.

PART 1 - 

PART 2 - - here’s my m rated Sheo fic, which is rather smutty but y’know, if you like that sort of thing… this is Theo and Shai going hiking, where one of them has some concerns. - here we have Theo and Shai on the way to the UK premiere, on a plane. - here’s an awesome submission from catchingkatey, it’s really a great read! - the last fic I wrote, Sheo - the Wedding!

FourTris SickFic

Tris is sick. Four is the doting boyfriend looking after her. Simple as that…

I step into the room. Unsure really of what I’m about to find, of what might be going on in here…

It’s dark. It’s warm. I’m not sure how to take it, I’m not really quite sure if that’s a good thing or not. I guess I’ll know soon.

I hear something in the darkness, a groan. A pained groan.

"Tris?" I call out.

Tissues litter the floor, heaps upon heaps of tissues. Then I find her, on her back, trying to do sit-ups, coughing and spluttering as she goes.

"Get back into bed!" I snap.

"Tobias, I am bored!" she groans.

I wrap my arms around her and haul her up before dumping her back into bed. She simply frowns at me, too weak to struggle. 

"You need your rest." I say.

"I need-

"Rest. I know."

"No Tobias-

"Yes, Beatrice."

She sighs, frowns, folds her arms. 

"Do you want some soup or something?"


"Isn’t that what people eat when they’re sick? I don’t know…"


"Well it’s stiff food Tris, I’m sure you’ve had it before."

"It’s just the idea of you cooking."

"What’s so bad about the idea of me cooking?"

"You’re Tobias. You’re Four, Four the brave, Four the almost fearless… Four who cooks soup…?"

I sigh, fold my arms myself, “Do you want soup or not?”

"Okay, fine, soup it is!"


I stare at her for a moment. She stares back and then sneezes, her whole body jolting forwards. I hold in a snigger and step into the kitchen. She’s always so independent, so fearless but it’s impossible to take that front serious right now.

I place a pot on the stove and unscrew a can of soup. I sniff it. It’s tomato I think. The can is a simple silver. I empty the sludgey contents into the pot and grab a spoon, stirring it now and then.

I hear a fit of sneezes from the other room and feel a slight twinge, a want to look after her. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve tried desperately hard to keep her out of trouble, to get her away from Jeanine, to get her safe from everything. So, I’m going to feel such an instinct when she’s got a cold.

I step through with a pot of soup, I didn’t bother finding a bowl. I figure she can just have as much as she wishes - plus, pots are a little easier to hold. She props herself up on her pillow, her nose red and raw. I hold the pot in front of her and hand her in a spoon.

"Thanks…" she says timidly.

"You’re welcome."

She smiles a little and takes a spoonful of soup, slurping it. 

"How are you feeling?"

She takes another spoonful of soup and shakes her head, “Not good.”

"Like the soup?" She glares at me. I laugh and gently give her a kiss on her sweltering forehead, "You really have a fever, huh?"

"I’m fine."

I blink at her. She maintains her glare and takes another spoonful, “Just rest, for an hour… Maybe two.”


I lean in and kiss her, caring little for any infectiousness I may encounter. She kisses me back, she’s insistent, appreciative of my lips on hers.

"I’ll stay with you, okay?" I tell her.

She sighs and shuffles over on the bed. I wriggle in next to her, wrap my arms around her and pull her into me. She puts the soup down and takes a heavy gulp of air.

I slide my fingers to her cheek, down to her jaw, across her neck and through her hair.

She exhales deeply, calming, relaxing.

I crane my neck to kiss her neck. Just once. Just a gentle press of my lips to her skin. She slides her hand up my cheek and through my hair.

"Thank you." she whispers.

"You seem to have an idea that you have to take care of everything, except you. So I guess that’s where I come in." She looks up at me. Softly I kiss her forehead, "Rest." I tell her.

She rests her head on my chest. I slide my hands through her hair, holding her steady, holding her in my arms, watching over her until she drifts off to sleep.

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