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Anonymous asked:

I know you must be getting a lot of requests, but if you get the chance please write a fanfic about Shai and Theo during that photoshoot in Italy? cause they totally look like they are on their honeymoon or something there ;) xx

Haha don’t worry, it’s nice to have requests! :) Sure! :) 


Anonymous asked:

"We know each other quite well now, and it’s a very easy relationship. We had some tough moments during filming, and we made sure we were there for each other. I have a lot of fun with Shai too. We recently did a photo shoot in Europe and, afterward, we went to a dinner, hiked around town and got lost. We were stuck in some random Italian village and couldn’t get home!" -Theo Can you do a fanfic based on that? :) Btw, Love your writing!

Haha yeah I’d love to, sounds a good way to go! :) 


Anonymous asked:

Thank you soo much for fulfilling my request for a hike in the woods story! You're a really amazing writer, absolutely love all your work! :) you know how sometimes you read a fanfic and it just doesn't seem like it's actually Shai and Theo? Well with yours it's definitely not like that. you're just so good at describing the atmosphere and peculiar details of the scene all while making it emotional and romantic. (if you can't tell I am a crazy SHEO shipper) ok bye keep writing <3

Hahaha thank you for such lovely feedback. It really means a lot :) It’s nice to know people enjoy reading these :) I do my best and I’m a bit of a Sheo shipper myself. Haha I certainly will! <3


Anonymous asked:

Can you write a fanfic on Sheo between interviews. You know, like when their in a hotel room waiting for the next interviewer?

Yep, sure! :) It’ll go on the list :)


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I make a Sheo fanfic, it is on wattpad (you could read it online if you don't have the apps). The title is Until I Met You by justahobby46 Thanks!

I’ll check it out! :)

Sanctuary and Serenity

I can’t help but stare at her shapely bum as we clamber up a muddy path. The trees arch around us, like we’re going through some sort of tunnel. I feel a strange warmth about me, there’s this excitement at just being out here with her. 

"Struggling to keep up, are you?" I tease, looking around at him. His jacket drapes off his shoulders, his hair has been ruffled yet he’s still strikingly handsome.

"I’m keeping watch for bears." I say after a pause, smiling a little. I stride towards her and wrap my arms around her, it’s hard to resist doing so. She holds me just as tight.

"I still can’t believe this, it’s crazy…" I smile, finding his lips. 

"Crazy good?" I query, knowing full well what the answer is. She slides her hand down my cheek, every touch with her is one I’m still not ready for. I feel a bristling of electricity all over me as her fingers find my jaw, gently bringing my mouth to hers once more.

I slide my hand into his and lead him away, we walk side by side, hand in hand, both glancing at one another without meaning to, both smiling because we simply can’t help it.

"Don’t you like it, just being out here, being peaceful?"

"Red carpets, interviews, all I ever wanted to do was shut you up with a kiss." I smile.

"Shut me up?!" 

"In a cute, British, romantic way… I never want you to really shut up, I mean I love hear-" She kisses me before giggling as our lips part, I can’t help but smile yet again.

"It’s not like you to be all awkward…"

I smile again but feel a little hollow inside my chest, a scratching doubt taking over me for a second.

I notice a little twitch on his face but try to put it to the back of my mind. I squeeze his hand a little tighter, I feel his fingers brush the top of my hand. I feel a little better.

"You do this often then, when you don’t need to film?" I ask, I suppose I haven’t really known her outside the rigours of filming and promo work - we were both shipped off after we finished Divergent. Her, to the Fault in Our Stars, me, to London Fields.

Each day was a day too much. All I could see when I shut my eyes was her smile, the way her eyes look when she smiles, the way she giggles when she smiles, the way everything seems not quite normal yet better, brilliant even, when she smiles. 

"Yeah, I love it out here!" I tell him. He pulls me to a stop again, pulls me close to him and kisses my forehead. 

I let my lips linger on her forehead, savouring the closeness I can feel with her, “I don’t want to let you down…” I whisper.

I wriggle free of him and stare into his eyes, “What do you mean?” I smile, brushing my fingers against his cheek.

"Well, just I want to get this right Shai." 

I don’t say anything, I lead him onwards to where we find an overturned log. We sit on it, it rolls a little and it takes a second to get balanced. When satisfied it is, I look into his eyes again.

"Theo, why wouldn’t you get this right?"

I press my palm to her cheek, gently stroking it with my thumb. I smile a little. She smiles too, “Do you know why I didn’t make a move earlier?”

I shake my head. Sliding my hand on top of his.

"How can I be good enough for you?" I blurt out suddenly. It even takes me by surprise.

"Theo…" I kiss him. I kiss him hard. As if I’m angry at him for even think that and just need to let it out. "Theo, you’re one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. You’re kind. You’re funny. You make me laugh. You protect me."

I kiss her gently, lingering there as long as I can, “I wanted to tell you, you know? When we wrapped actually. I played it out in my head. I’m almost 30 and I still piss myself worrying about doing things like that.”

"I don’t bite!" I grin.

"Well… You did a bit the other night."

I hit him and exaggerate a frown. Though I feel a warm buzz inside me, he’s seeming a little better.

"I love you Shai." I smile.

"I love you too Theo." 

We kiss again, his hands brushing through my hair. We part, our foreheads pressed against one another, both smiling as we gaze into eachother’s eyes.


Anonymous asked:

Could you please do a Fourtris sickfic? Like flu or something? Thank you!!

Yep sure, I’ll do that soon for you :) I’ve been meaning to write one of those but got sidetracked by Sheo fanfics!

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