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Anonymous asked:

i am confused do you have a link somewhere that i could find all your stories?

Hi, I haven’t written anything in a while but consider this like a masterpost, below are links to everything I’ve written: - the age of Princess Theo, this is pretty much where Four is a sassy princess in honour of the fandom’s first flirt with insanity. - this was inspired by Four’s love and devotion to cake, where he leads Tris on a mission to save Dauntless cake… - this is a more m-rated fic really, it’s pretty intimate, it’s where FourTris get it on after sneaking off…

This next one is a series of fics I did titled ‘Man of the People’, essentially it was about a group of masked avengers going after people and it was set around Insurgent with everything going to hell:

PART 1 -

PART 2 -

PART 3 - - here’s what’s been my most popular fic so far, an alternative ending to Allegiant which people appear to have liked a fair bit! - here’s another written in the aftermath of Allegiant, based on the idea of a dream landscape instead of a fear landscape. What’s in Four’s? - this was a request to write a romantic fic about Tris and Katniss, I have no idea how well I did it haha. - this was written around Christmas, just an idea of how the Dauntless celebrate Christmas. - more Allegiant this time, basically a thought on what happened next for Tris. - this was another request for Christina and Tobias getting romantic, so I gave that one a go. - this was an intimate fic from Tobias’ point of view with Tris. I think I set it after he and Peter save her from Jeanine in Insurgent.

Here’s the first of my Sheo fics, a piece on how they both were falling for one another but neither of them knew.

PART 1 - 

PART 2 - - here’s my m rated Sheo fic, which is rather smutty but y’know, if you like that sort of thing… - this is Theo and Shai going hiking, where one of them has some concerns. - here we have Theo and Shai on the way to the UK premiere, on a plane. - here’s an awesome submission from catchingkatey, it’s really a great read! - the last fic I wrote, Sheo - the Wedding!

Hopefully this helps! :) And, hopefully, I shall have more fics for you all soon.

Hey guys, so sorry I haven’t posted anything. I’m ploughing along writing my own book right now - second draft - it’s a lot of work, but once it’s finished I’ll be sending it to agencies and keep fingers crossed that I get some good news!

But I will try and get something done for you soon. You guys are the best :)


Anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you do a fanfic where Caleb is sick and Tris takes care of him and everything is fine and no one is dead and it's just a cute brother/sister moment. By the way your fics are wonderful!

Sure thing :)

heyailin asked:

Heyy! My request for the fics are: Fourtris in high shcool and One of Four or Tris gets the flu With the high school one I'd like to see reckless fourtris like wild party animals m rated And for the flu one I think tris should be the one who's sick and make Tobias take care of her and be really sweet and goofy with her

Yeah sure, I’ll make sure I get those done :)

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